If an item shows $0.00 for shipping, it means shipping is included in the price of the item worldwide. Combined shipping of multiple items with shipping included will bring you a rebate after checkout. This could be a considerable amount as I charge only the actual expenses incurred in shipping. Should you need to return an item, any refunds will be reduced the amount of postage shown on your package when it arrives. If you combine a shipping included item with an item with shipping extra, your total cost will be fairly calculated. That has to be done on a case by case basis. You will be informed of the discount by email.
Shipping quoted for US and Canada is for airmail from Canada. When shipping is over $5.00, it is usually less expensive to ship from the USA. Canada has no book rate or flat rate boxes. But airmail to the US is fast, 3 to 7 days depending on where you live. I go to the US at least twice a month and will take packages with me to mail at those times. If you are willing to wait I can send items from Washington using either the book rate (slow) or priority mail flat rate (fast). I will refund you the difference or invoice you if you let me know in advance. I can also do this for other non-book items however only books and no-ads media materials go via media mail. For Canadian book buyers. Unfortunately there is no book rate here nor can I use media mail from the US to any non US destination. Non media items weighing under 1 kilo wrapped are not greatly affected by the different countries. Shipping is similar.
This is very important for Canadian buyers. I live in Canada but there is only one place to fill in shipping for the whole country. I automatically reduce shipping if you are in the same or near province. Shipping rate posted is for Ontario with no additional for provinces east of Ontario. Because Canada has a thickness and a weight requirement, shipping for a lightweight paperback book more than 3/4 inch thick can be ridiculous. If you are willing to wait, I can mail items like this from Washington. It is less expensive up to about 1 kilo in weight. Over that it is better to ship from Canada. Let me know. I do everything possible to give you fair shipping. Please be advised that there is no book rate between the USA and Canada or within Canada.